When will I receive my box?
Can I Cancel my order?
How do I cancel my subscription?
What will be inside my box?
When I subscribed, why did it say there was a trial period?
If I subscribe early June for July's box, wont I get charged again early July for August's box, before I receive Julys box?


My box hasn't arrived!
My box was damaged in the post and some of the items have been damaged, what can i do?


Why didn't I receive the items from the photos?
The clothing I received didn't fit/wrong size.
Can I buy these products anywhere else?
Can I return my box?
Can I return a single product from my box?


How do I change my address?
How can I update my clothing preferences/sizes?
How can I find out how long I have left on my subscriptions?


I am receiving an error message and/or the page isn't displaying correctly.
Can I order if I live outside the UK?

Blogging & Social Media

Can I blog about my Super Cute Box?
Will i get paid or free stuff if I blog about my box?
Can I share photos of the contents of box on social media?


Can I be an affiliate?
Can I get my products featured in your boxes?